Dear Patients and Friends;


This posted notice is to inform you that I will be retiring from the active practice of medicine on October 31, 2021. It has been my great pleasure to provide medical, obstetrical and gynecological care for you for the last 41 years. I sincerely appreciate the friendship and trust that you have given me in return.

I hope that you will continue your care with another physician in our group as we have many excellent and caring physicians. You can call our office at 713-774-5131 to receive assistance with transitioning your care to one of the other physicians within our group.  

If you choose to continue care outside our practice, you may contact our office or visit our website at and complete a request for release of medical records 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my practice in medicine but now it is time to move on to the next chapter in my life. As always, I wish good health and happiness for you and your families.


Gene E. Huebner, MD

We Are Here for You!

Southwest Ob/Gyn physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care to women of all ages within a compassionate, supportive, and professional environment. We believe an integrated approach between patient and physician enables us to provide each patient with a unique plan for her well being.

You can also call us to request an appointment or ask questions.

Do you feel sick?


If you think you have the flu, please reschedule your appointment and stay home or see your PCP.

You may have the flu if you have fever or chills, a cough, runny nose, or sore throat. 

You may also have: body aches, headache, tiredness, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Laser Therapy for Vaginal Health

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Total Wellness

Eating nutritiously and regular physical exercise are important, but wellness is more; we help you achieve total wellness.

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Having A Baby?

At Southwest Ob Gyn it is our pleasure to guide you through this great experience. We offer personalized prenatal care with your physician at each visit.

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Childbirth Courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most insurance companies will pay for a well woman once every 12 months, so make sure you schedule your visit 12 months after the date of your last exam.

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