Total Wellness

Total Wellness

For many women, a health and wellness definition is what they achieve from eating nutritiously, and from taking regular physical exercise.

While healthy eating and physical exercise are important aspects of wellness, Wellness can best be defined as a process that involve a degree of Health and Wellness Skills for improving and maintaining a degree of harmony and balance across all the key areas of your life; that is, the 7 dimensions of wellness.  The seven dimensions of wellness are:

  • Physical Wellness
  • Psychological, Mental and Emotional Wellness
  • Career Health and Wellness
  • Social Networks Wellness
  • Financial Health an Wellness
  • Spiritual Health and Wellness
  • Personal Relationships / Family Wellness

Should one or more of these 7 dimensions of wellness be under or over-prioritized, your overall wellness areas will be out of sync and out of balance. Since your body and mind are interrelated, each and every one of your 7 dimensions of wellness need to work in harmony with the another for optimal health and wellness balance.

Your aim is to obtain a degree of balance and harmony across all your 7 dimensions of health and wellness areas.