Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

Part of raising healthy kids and having a long life together as a family boils down to adopting and maintaining healthy habits. Healthy habits help to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This can be difficult when you’re raising kids and working full time. But the investment will pay off in the long run, helping you to avoid problems and spending more years with your family. There are some easy ways to start practicing healthy habits for the entire family.

Be Intentional About Food

It’s important that you are intentional about your daily eating. This is the best way to ensure that you are all eating correctly and developing good eating habits.

Eat Slowly

One way to start is to encourage your family members to eat slowly. When you eat slowly, you allow your body to complete the process of releasing fullness hormones. That takes about 20 minutes and slowing down gives your brain time to recognize the release of the hormones.

When your body feels full, you lower your calorie intake. And you enjoy your food a lot more when you take the time to chew it and your body digests food better and absorbs important nutrients. The best way to slow down while eating is to snack on healthy foods, setting your fork down, drink water during meals, and put down the devices.

Eat Heathly

When you’re planning meals for your family, ensure you’re including fruits and vegetables with each meal. Set the example by making sure that your kids see them eating them. Try involving them in the grocery shopping and cooking process.

Minimize the amounts of snacks and nights out for dinner. When you’re eating out it’s hard to manage what you’re consuming. It’s sometimes hard to know if your choices are healthy.

Choose Alternatives to Unhealthy Options

  • Give up the sugary drinks for water, coffee, or tea. If you need flavor, add water or cucumber to spritz it up.
  • Give up the store-bought pizza and opt for a homemade pizza that can be made with healthy ingredients.
  • Choose fresh fruit, dark chocolate, and Greek yogurt over cakes and cookies for dessert.
  • Get your processed meats from your local butcher, doing this avoids all the unhealthy ingredients found in other meats.

Exercise to Keep Everyone Fit

Make it a family affair! Take an evening walk as a part of your evening routine. Plan a little healthy competition to keep it fun.

When you’re exercising make sure you’re focusing on strength and flexibility. Get your kids involved in extracurricular activities. Even if these activities aren’t sports-related, it helps to keep them from sitting around in front of an electronic device all evening.

Mind and Discipline

Set guidelines for your kids. Discipline is great for them. Make a list of things they are responsible for like cleaning their room, getting to bed on time, and making healthy food choices. Make sure they know the importance of good mental health.

Help them learn about acceptable behavior by using calm words and modeling appropriate behaviors. Set clear rules and be consistent. Use consequences and stick to them. Listen to them and give them your attention, enforcing good behaviors. Remind them how important health care visits are and make sure they attend them regularly.

Spend Time Together

A family, with parents, children and grandparents, enjoy a picnic

Spend quality time together, getting to know them. Engage in deep conversations and let them know that you hear them. Choose fun activities to participate in together and don’t forget those family trips! When you’re building healthy habits and helping them to grow into responsible young adults, you’re also creating memories!

Stay healthy by focusing on whole foods and planning your family’s meals. Eat slowly and eat together as a family. Get everyone active, set limits for your kids, and spend time together!

All these things will help you and your family to spend a lot of quality years together. When you need help, contact SWOBGYN to get a better handle on implementing your healthy habits plan for your family.

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