Dispelling 11 Common Myths about Your OB/GYN Visit

Information gleamed from family members and the internet can cause confusion regarding your visits to your Houston OB/GYN.  This misleading information can cause fear and trepidation about your upcoming appointment or lead you to delay getting the regular gynecological care that you need.  It can also steer you in the wrong direction when asking for…

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Top Houston Obstetrician – Dr. Utsavi Shah

Southwest OB/GYN is pleased to have our own Dr. Utsavi Shah named one of Houstonia Mag’s Top Doctors. One of eight distinguished in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology on the Top Doctors List, Dr. Shah studied at Baylor College of Medicine in the Houston Medical Center and specializes in high-risk obstetrics and minimally invasive…

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What Can I Expect at My First Prenatal Visit?

The at-home pregnancy test says you’re expecting! You’re excited and there are a million things running through your mind. One of the first things you should do at this point is to schedule your first prenatal appointment. Your provider will have a host of questions, will perform a number of screenings, and have plenty of…

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