Get Educated and Empowered About Your Healthcare Planning Today

What is National Healthcare Decisions Day? National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is an annual event celebrated on April 16th worldwide. NHDD is a national initiative to empower and encourage all adults to plan for and safeguard against a health crisis in the future, a process called advance care planning. Making important decisions about your health…

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Finding A Women’s Health Group That Is Right For You

women's groups

Choosing the women’s health group that is right for you is important.  Not only do you want to work with experienced and knowledgeable health professionals, but you also want to choose a practice with compassionate providers and competent administrative staff.   Visiting your Gynecologist vs. Your Family Doctor Some women believe that visiting their family doctor…

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Depression During & After Pregnancy: It’s Not Just In Your Head

Many expectant and new mothers experience depression. The stress produced while your body is going through the changes that pregnancy brings along makes you more vulnerable to the condition. Age, substance abuse, familial history of depression, and lack of support can contribute to your chance of developing postpartum depression. Those with depression during their pregnancy…

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