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Be a Healthier, Fitter You!

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, an estimated 50,000-75,000 women of all ages will participate in local health and fitness events at more than 500 community locations across the country as part of the 17th Annual National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. This event is always held the last Wednesday in September as part of National Women’s Health & Fitness Week celebrations throughout the United States.

Organized as a public/private good health partnership by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), National Women’s Health & Fitness Day will offer fitness and health events for women at community locations that include hospitals, health clubs, park and recreation departments, health departments, schools, retirement communities, houses of worship, senior centers, and others.

Local women’s events held on September 26, 2018 will include fitness walks, exercise demonstrations, health fairs and health information workshops. Most local events will include an exercise or physical activity component, as well as educational information about women’s health and fitness.

Here are 6 ways you and your friends can participate and encourage each other to get or stay fit and healthy on Women’s Health & Fitness Day:

  1. Find a local event. Check the calendars in your local publications and online community social networks, or call your nearby senior center, library, college or parks and recreation department to see what activities will be offered.
  1. Work up a sweat. Go to the gym, take a hike, participate in a water aerobics or yoga class — make it a point to pick an activity you enjoy most.
  1. Get a check-up. If you haven’t seen your primary care doctor in a long time, schedule an appointment for an annual exam. It’s also important for women to have preventive healthcare, such as regular gynecological exams and mammograms.
  1. Mental health is important, too. Take some time to relax and relieve stress. Meditation can help you quiet your mind and feel more at peace. If you’ve never practiced meditating before, the Center for Contemplative Mind offers downloadable audio files that will guide you through several simple meditations.
  1. Gather for a healthy potluck meal. Invite the important women in your life to join you for lunch or dinner and ask everyone to bring a healthy dish. Need some inspiration? Try one of these many delicious, simple and affordable recipes from the American Heart Association.
  1. Give up the bad habits. Do you smoke, drink too much or consume a lot of sugary products? Do you sometimes “forget” to fasten your seat belt or wear your bike helmet? Do you find yourself glued to your cell phone, tablet or laptop late a night? Unhealthy behaviors like these can undermine all of the good habits you have in place. Make a commitment to eliminate them from your life.

While Women’s Health and Fitness Day comes but once a year, it’s a great time to consciously take control of your health by learning the facts you need to make smart health choices, schedule regular physical activity, create a healthy eating plan and establish a routine that encourages peace of mind.

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