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Take the Stress Out of the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be merry!

Now is the time to turn one of the most stressful holidays of the year into an enjoyable time.

So, where do you begin?

First, have fun! National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day will be celebrated on Friday, December 15, 2017. Why not take the opportunity to bring some holiday fun to your office or school? Don’t forget to post your pictures to your favorite social media site to spread the joy.

Second, find ways to reduce stress such as enjoying time with your family and friends. Why is this important?

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), 77% of people living in America regularly experience symptoms caused by stress. In the US, 33% of Americans feel like they are living with extreme stress.

Reducing stress can improve your mood, boost your energy levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost your immune system, and lead to longevity of life.

How To Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Re-evaluate Your Routine

If there is a task that has always filled you with anxiety, now is the perfect time to let that task go, or develop strategies to take on the challenge in a new way. Keep in mind that a fresh approach to any task can make all the difference in the world. You could simplify the process, and make it fun, instead of it being too difficult to cope with. For example, if you always bake holiday treats for friends and family, enlist your husband and children to help this year. You could get the job done faster, and build lasting memories with your family in the process!

Donate Your Time To Worthy Causes

Give back to others by donating to the Make the World Better Sweater Campaign. This is a charity that helps children.Visit their site to learn more.

Of course, there are plenty of non-profit organizations to donate your time and energy. This is a great opportunity to enrich the lives of others and bring them joy and comfort. Why not find a worthy cause to lift your spirits?

Time For A Visit?

Finally, schedule your annual exam appointment. This is the best way to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Schedule your annual exam before the end of the year. Your doctor can help you learn more about all of the health issues that women face in their lives, in addition to ways to prevent those problems, especially stress, from affecting your overall health.

Southwest OB/GYN can take the dread out of your end-of-the-year health appointments by making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and valued. Call today to speak with one of our wonderful staff members, who will help you schedule your next appointment.

Our goal is to provide you with as much help as possible, including tips on how to remain stress-free all of the time, including the holiday season!


More Helpful Holiday Tips:

  • Start early
  • Stay organized
  • Make a budget, stick to it
  • Show gratitude
  • Maintain patience
  • Get plenty of rest


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