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Make Massage Part of Your Wellness Toolkit

Massage provides health benefits for women during every stage of life. It assists with managing the stress of a busy career, pregnancy, and new motherhood. Since women often manage these stages in tandem with one another, implementing wellness practices like massage becomes especially important. Southwest OB/GYN, Houston OB/GYN Women’s Health, considers massage therapy a beneficial practice for every woman.

The practice is viewed as a complementary or alternative medical treatment. In general massage therapy treats a variety of symptoms, some of which can be associated with illness. These include:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Digestive issues
  • Stress triggered insomnia
  • Strains and injuries of soft tissues
  • Headaches
  • Generalized muscle and soft tissue pain and inflammation

Some people also seek out massage therapy for its beneficial effects on emotional and mental well-being. People who receive massage therapy often experience feelings of comfort and connection.

Massage Benefits

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to receive massage treatment. Massage soothes the body and activates the parasympathetic nervous system also known as the relaxation response. As the body changes to accommodate your growing baby and for delivery, specific areas of the body, the neck, back, shoulders, and abdominal wall, take on more of the effects than others. The low back is especially vulnerable as the baby grows and the pelvis tilts forward to carry it. Your gait changes as the pelvis loses stability due to its ligaments softening in preparation for delivery.

According to studies, massage offers pregnant women relief by:

  • Bringing down levels of stress and anxiety
  • Decreasing prenatal depression
  • Improving mood
  • Decreased risk of preterm birth and low birth weight for women experiencing prenatal depression
  • Lower instances of swelling in the legs

Stress Management

For new moms and working moms, massage can keep stress levels down allowing you to focus on managing work and household tasks. The sense of well-being massage provides also supports your ability to remain mentally and emotionally available to your family. It’s nice to have a setting where you as a caregiver receive care to comfort you and sustain your efforts to perform well professionally and as a parent.


Massage helps relieve symptoms associated with a variety of ailments. It activates the bodies relaxation response, the opposite of the fight or flight response many people experience during their day. When triggered, the relaxation response causesbreathing to slow, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, and decreases muscular tension. With a relaxing massage, it boosts the immune symptoms as the body releases the feel-good hormones associated with touch. Headaches can decrease in intensity and lactic acid breaks down during massage further easing body pains.

Immediate Relief

In addition to these benefits, massage provides immediate relief. Ease a headache by massaging the temples, neck, and shoulders. Massage the upper and low back to alleviate back pain or massage the face pressing under the brows, the eyes, and massaging around the nose.

While under the care of gynecologist at our Houston location, inquire about the role massage can play in your wellness plan. Our OB/GYNteam of doctors strives to provide medical care which treats the whole person. Call your Houston gynecologist to set an appointment.

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