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The Burnout Rx: Check In With Yourself Often

You? You who? Between last month’s back to school activities, adding new staff or managing parental care, it’s no wonder women multi-task themselves into near burnout! As innate managers and caregivers, we can all fall into a certain schedule that leaves no time for Y-O-U.

Those commitments filling your calendar squares may be well meaning or even necessary. For a season, it may even be manageable. But we’ve all had periods of life when those “I just need to squeeze in ________________ to help ______________” leaves us utterly exhausted! So, if that word balance just isn’t yet possible and burnout is looming, have no fear!

September 24th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day and even if it’s not a priority on your overloaded calendar, it’s a good reminder for women to take time, even if you don’t have much! Here are a few ideas of how you can check in with yourself to prevent full-blown burnout:

  1. Relationship: Why not invite your spouse to a coffee date before the kids are up and in the comfort of your own kitchen? Even 10 minutes over a nice cup of joe with that delicious fall creamer will help you feel connected to that special guy in your life.
  2. Spirituality: Peace-filled people don’t have perfect lives, but somehow they’re able to maintain perspective, right? Try meditating for 1 minute three times a day by focusing on a picture or meaningful word.
  3. Friendship: True friends understand when life gets hectic. Maybe you could be that calm, reassuring voice and maybe sometimes you’ll need that! Phone a friend isn’t just for a game show!
  4. Movement: We’ve all heard about endorphins, so let’s capitalize on these good hormones! After you’ve taken the stairs, kicked the ball with the kids or signed up for TRX or Pure Barre, acknowledge your effort and those good hormones will double!
  5. Nutrition: Rather than list ‘shoulds,’ why not pick one thing about your diet that you’d like to change? Maybe it’s increasing your water consumption or switching from sour cream to Greek yogurt as a condiment. Then, write it on your calendar for one week. Small changes over time yield big results.

So, check in with yourself this month, and write it down for next month while you’re at it to avoid burnout all year long!

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