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Taking Care: 10 Simple Ways To Care For That Senior Citizen in Your Life

While the month of August brings to mind all the children saying ‘Goodbye’ to summer and ‘Hello’ to another school year, there’s another reason to celebrate that doesn’t involve finishing the school supply shopping!

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day, as observed in the United States.

Serving as a reminder to look after the elderly all around, might there be a senior citizen in your life that could use a bit of celebration, with a lot of care?

89987189Here are ten simple ways to show care for that senior citizen in your life on their special day:

  1. Offer a ride: While that elderly person may still have an active social calendar and drive themself, they may still enjoy a fresh new face for company. Quality time is a love language and you might just enjoy a few shared stories!
  2. Prepare or purchase a healthy meal: As busy as you are, isn’t it nice to not have to think about what to eat? The senior citizen in your life might just think the exact same way!
  3. Take note of an interest: Does she love to garden? Is he Mr. Funny Man? Notice the little things and if you see a small gift book or similar, pick it up for that senior citizen in your life. It’s the thought that counts!
  4. Write a card: Did she mention her anniversary was recently? Did he say that she always loved this time of year? By remembering those important dates and details of your elderly person’s deceased life partner, you will acknowledge an important part of their life.
  5. ‘Catch’ thoughtfulness: Did you notice something he or she did out of the goodness of their heart? Notice it and tell them you did!
  6. Give a hug or pat an arm, if appropriate: If your senior citizen’s love has passed away or the grandkids aren’t near, why not offer a hug or arm pat? Physical touch is critical our entire lives.
  7. Share an experience: Is there a new restaurant opening with a great breakfast menu? A new production debuting? See if the elderly person in your life wouldn’t enjoy something you do.
  8. Take time to listen: Even if it’s a short conversation getting the mail, take the time to not just hear, but listen. It’s often the greatest gift!
  9. Buy something for Fido: Once a dog-lover, always a dog-lover. The same goes for cats, doesn’t it?Giving a gift to your senior citizen’s beloved pet shows them how much you care for them!
  10. Notice anything new: Words of affirmation matter. Is he wearing a new jacket? Did she change the color of the front door?

Take a moment to honor that senior citizen in your life and see if your own health and happiness doesn’t improve!

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