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May 12th: International Nurses Day

In the world of nursing, there is one person’s birthday that is celebrated above anyone else’s;Florence Nightingale. In her honor International Nurses Day is celebrated every May12th. The theme for 2014 is “Nurses: A Force for Change- A vital resource for health.”During the month of May, there will be conferences and other events held world-wide focusing on this year’s theme. These events, as well as kits available and distributed to nursing associations around the world, are created and provided by the ICN; International Council of Nurses.

Florence Nightingale, known as the “Lady with the Lamp” was born on May 12, 1820. Born into an affluent British family, she began tending to the ill and poor in the village near her family’s estate. At the young age of 16 Florence believed that nursing was her, “divine purpose” according to the website. This career goal was considered unacceptable for a young lady of the Nightingale’s social standing. Nursing was considered menial labor and meant to be done by the lower class. Florence was expected, as an upper class Victorian lady, to marry a man of money and live in the social spotlight. After turning down a marriage proposal, Miss. Nightingale enrolled into the nursing program at the Lutheran Hospital of Pastor Fliendner in Germany. This “pioneer of modern nursing” pursued her desire to become a nurse in spite of her parents’ opposition.

Florence Nightingale is best known for her nightly rounds tending to the wounded; as she carried a lamp throughout her rounds, she became known as the “Lady with the Lamp” by the very soldiers to which she gave personal care. During the Crimean War Florence and a team of nurses were stationed at a British base hospital and successfully improved the unsanitary conditions. This resulted in the death count by two-thirds. Her writings gave life to a worldwide reform of health care.

At Southwest Ob/Gyn, we respect and value the work of our nurses. Nurses are not only the first line of health care, but these dedicated individuals advocate for their patients on a daily basis. They really are a “vital resource for health!”

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