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National Women’s History Month

Women’s history has only been recognized as a major aspect of American history in the last half century. Before this time, all recorded history was written by men and only from the man’s perspective. Only beginning in the early 1960’s did women’s history slowly start to appear in history textbooks. Since that time, women’s history has demanded a strong voice and presence in American society. As with all history, women’s history must continue to be recorded and preserved for present and future generations.The Women’s National Women’s History Project has a rich history of advocating for and presenting women’s history to American across this country and around the world. Your Houston area OB/GYN health professionals are proud to highlight the National Women’s History Project and just a few of the many women honorees of 2014.

April is National Women’s History Monthin the United States. This nationally recognized month of honoring women who have made great contributions to American history, society and culture all began as one school’s celebration in a small Californian town. Since 1987 a theme is chosen and women are honored for their accomplishments in American history. The theme for 2014 is “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment”.

In the Houston area, Rice University continues to offer their Annual Women’s History Month Lecture. This year’s speaker is Dr. Jacqueline Jones, who is the Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History and Ideas, and professor at the University of Texas in Austin. The theme of her lecture is, “Women and Social Justice Today: What’s history Got to Do With It?”definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

2014 Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment Honorees

This year’s honorees come from a vast range of experiences but regardless of their past, and areas of contribution, each and every woman gave of themselves to better the lives of women across America. Highlighted here are but a few of the many women who have been chosen this year to be honored.

Minnie Evelyn Greensmith O’Donnell (1922 – Present)

During WWII, Minnie showed immense courage and drove an ambulance during the blitzkrieg in London. Also during the war, she met and married a USAF American and later travelled the world.

Frances Oldham Kelsey (1914 – Present)

Frances Oldham Kelsey is a pharmacologist with the FDA and a Public Health Activist who has always kept the health of her fellow Americans at the forefront of her work. During the 1960’s she was assigned to review the drug Thalidomide for the U.S. market. She refused to approve the drug due to lack of proof that it was safe and ultimately, after it was proven to be extremely detrimental, her efforts led to dramatic changes to the powers Congress gave FDA to protect Americans.

These two women, as have all of the honorees,made huge contributions to society through their character, courage and commitment. It is with great pride we recognize and celebrate their contributions and lives this month.

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