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Skin Care for Pregnant Women

The term “pregnancy’s glow” always brings to mind rosy cheeks and fresh radiant skin, but, for many pregnant women, the reality of how their skin changes is just not as “rosy”.  Skin care for pregnant women is not something many think about until they find their skin resembling that of a lizard’s or when acne becomes as big a problem as it was in their teen years. General skin care while pregnant will not only give relief from unwanted skin conditions, but also protect the skin’s elasticity while your body changes and grows with your baby. Acne, dry itchy skin, and even stretch marks can be greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated by properly nourishing your skin during this amazing time in your life.


Welcome back to high school!? Many pregnant women find that their skin has rewound time and have the same struggle with acne as when in their teens. Sandra Marchese Johnson, dermatologist with Johnson Dermatology recommends that if you notice that you have worse acne than usual while pregnant, look for products that have a safe dosage of an acne medicine like salicylic acid; she notes that a 2 percent dose is fine for use while pregnant. Avoid products that need to stay on the skin for any amount of time since the medication will absorb through the skin and into the baby’s bloodstream. Also if you are currently taking an oral medication for the treatment of acne, speak to your physician as soon as you know about your pregnancy to learn about the possible side-effects on the baby. Consult your greater Houston OBGYN professional for if you have concerns about any medications you are currently taking.

Do not assume that all-natural products and vitamins are necessarily safe to treat acne during pregnancy. Most products such as chamomile, basil, and even vitamin A, can potentially help treat acne while pregnant but only in small doses. Do your research and know the possible side effects and recommended doses before using when pregnant. Two nutrients that are required in increased amounts during pregnancy and are also helpful in the treatment of acne are zinc and water. Yes, water is by far one of the best treatments for ace while pregnant. Ultimately, nine months of acne may be worth dealing with to avoid potential birth defects.

Dry, Itchy Skin While Pregnant

Many pregnant women complain that their skin becomes both dry and itchy during the nine months. The dryness and itchiness tend to be worse as the skin stretches and tightens to accommodate the growing baby. Often times, if your skin is not kept properly hydrated, stretch marks can develop. This uncomfortable and unsightly situation can be relieved by picking products that are safe for both you and your unborn child.

A large number of women recommend Cocoa or Shea Butters to help combat dry itchy skin. These moisturizing lotions both moisturize the skin and help to maintain the elasticity of the skin to prevent stretch marks from developing. Also, many companies such as Earth Mama Angel Baby, have a complete line of products specifically developed for the sensitive needs of women when they are pregnant. Your Houston gynecologist may have suggestions for specific products.

Dealing with the Mask of Pregnancy

Hormones take complete responsibility for your skin suddenly becoming much more problematic while pregnant. Another side effect of these changes on your body is the appearance of the “pregnancy mask”. This mask is caused by an increased sensitivity to the sunlight while pregnant. According to the website, “to prevent this “mask” or patchy appearance from developing be sure to use sunscreen daily. Your sunscreen of choice is an important decision towards skin care for pregnant women. The safest form of sunscreen is one that provides a physical block to the sun’s rays like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and also does not contain any harmful chemicals.” Be sure to check with your physician or pharmacist for specific product recommendations.

Your skin is a living organ that requires special care while pregnant. Do not create a complex daily routine that will be difficult to maintain during the duration of your pregnancy. Keep it simple and you will be able to proudly show off your “pregnancy glow” all throughout your pregnancy.

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