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Playing It Safe – Keeping You and Your Family Safe and Healthy on Spring Break

A family vacation is one of those special times during which you can enjoy spending quality time with your children without the pressures of everyday life intruding. When preparing for your trip it is vital to understand common risks for your children’s safety and to take proactive steps to prevent issues. Here are some things…

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Take it to Heart: Women’s Heart Health

Heart health is important for anyone at any age, especially women. In the past, this disease was considered only for men; however, over time, heart disease has begun to impact women just as much as men. In fact, the Texas Heart Institute states that 40 percent of deaths amongst women are due to cardiovascular disease.…

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Stay Aware of Cervical Cancer and HPV Status by Getting Screened

Cervical cancer month was created to raise awareness of the methods that women can use to protect themselves from cervical cancer and HPV (human papillomavirus). Cervical cancer is often caused by HPV, which is a common infection that spreads through sexual activity.

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