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Playing It Safe – Keeping You and Your Family Safe and Healthy on Spring Break

A family vacation is one of those special times during which you can enjoy spending quality time with your children without the pressures of everyday life intruding. When preparing for your trip it is vital to understand common risks for your children’s safety and to take proactive steps to prevent issues. Here are some things to consider when packing your bags.

Family Identification

If you become separated from your child do not assume you will be able to swiftly find him or that he will be able to lead authorities to you. When children are panicked they forget vital details such as contact numbers or your actual name. A good way to prevent this is to have a current photo of every member of your family on the child along with a phone number which can be used to contact you.

First Aid Kits

If you cannot pack it in your carry-on bag, then buy one when you reach your destination. Being able to swiftly treat any abrasion or small wound without having to waste hours at an emergency room can make the difference between a happy vacation or one marred by accident. The swift treatment of small scratches also helps to prevent infection that can show up after you get home. One item that should be in every kit is surgical tape. It does a better job than regular Band-Aids, especially for active children!

Explain Everything

As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” By making sure every member of your family has a full understanding of the itinerary and the local area you will be able to more flexibly adapt to any circumstance. This is especially helpful with older siblings that you may rely on to keep an eye on the youngest children. Depending on their age you may wish to include information such as travel advisories and the location of certain neighborhoods considered off-limits.

Matching Clothing

By wearing distinctive and matching clothing it is easy to limit the likelihood of losing each other in a crowd. We have all seen tour groups with matching T-shirts and hats, which serves to help the guides do a quick head count without being obvious about it. You can do the same thing with your family and make it a part of your vacation ritual.

Stick to Tourist Friendly Areas

This is especially true for foreign destinations with uncertain security, food, or water resources. By sticking to areas that are frequented by foreign guest it is possible to limit the health and physical dangers that exist in these beautiful locales. If you are in doubt about any specific activity or destination ask your tour director or hotel manager for information.

Keep Backups of Everything

There are few things worse than losing your identity documents while traveling, especially with children. Make photocopies of all your vital documents and store them in a secure location throughout your trip. This will enable you to have more flexibility if you misplace your wallet or it is stolen.

Beyond identification documents it is vital to also have backups of everything from clothing to favorite toys. Baggage handling is more an art than a science, and even the best airlines still misplace luggage. Keep a day or two’s worth of essential items in your carry-on luggage to protect you and your family from havoc at the airport.

Take the time after packing your bags sit down with your spouse and cover all your bases. By taking a few moments now you will be able to better concentrate on your family during your next getaway this spring break season.

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